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Chemical Market Development and Investment Company Limited (MDI Chemical Co. Ltd.) is dedicated to supplying the Vietnam chemical and specialty additives markets. After many years of continuous supply to our market, we have established the ‘MDI Brand’. Our excellent distributor performance has given us “exclusive agent” appointments from many chemical corporations throughout the world. These includes the USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Japan, Holland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Korea, PR China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong... As an effective liaison between our customers and our suppliers, MDI actively provides many chemicals and additives that meet the diversified demands of the domestic Vietnam chemical industrial markets. These include paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, textile, paper, candle, glass, pottery, food, feeds, cosmetic, medicine, and metal finishing (polishing stainless steel, electroplating and anti-corrosion coating). Our slogan is “MASTERING DEVELOPMENT INNOVATIVELY”. With this slogan in mind, we not only provide quality products but with our years of experience, provide a wide range of technical knowledge. Together we link the benefits of MDI with our suppliers and customers. Currently MDI is proud to have been continuously distributing chemicals and specialty products to over 200 domestic customers in a variety of industries.

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